chapter  8
55 Pages

Mechanical Construction of Switched Reluctance Machines

ByYinye Yang, James Weisheng Jiang, Jianbin Liang

This chapter describes the components and assembly of switched reluctance motors (SRM). It provides a discussions on SRM design and manufacturing. Assembly considerations with respect to lamination alignment, rotor balance, and shaft alignment are discussed to provide guidance on mechanical design of SRMs. The frame of an SRM is the main physical boundary of the motor. Two major dimensions of a motor frame are the motor casing diameter and the motor casing axial length, which basically determine the physical volume of the motor. There are many occasions that the motor casing mass can be a design constraint. There are a number of dimensions used in determining the motor frame size and mounting elements. There are a number of other mounting types, for instance wall mounted, ceiling mounted, pedestal mounted, and flange mounted. The sizing of the motor frame depends mainly on the volume of the stator-winding subassembly, and the type of enclosure, the method, and the type of mounting.