chapter  3
19 Pages

Russia’s monuments policy in the Baltic States

WithAleksandra Kuczyńska-Zonik

This chapter aims to propose a deeper understanding of Russia's concept of memory politics surrounding Soviet monuments in the Baltic States. It argues that the social representation theory as a framework of analysis and describes the Soviet monuments in their figurative dimensions. The chapter presents the perception of these monuments by Russian-speaking residents—a perception which has generated integration problems in the Baltic States. It discusses Baltic-Russian relations as a consequence of Russia's influence in the post-Soviet space. The chapter present the role of the Soviet victory monuments to commemorate the Soviet victory in World War II, to influence the Russian-speaking community and the state of inter-ethnic relations, and to destabilise the Baltic information space to generate division and misunderstanding. It examines the form and function of monuments relating to WW2—a phenomenon which can be analysed according to the social representation theory.