chapter  4
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Russian World(s) in Vienna

Agents, compatriots, and people
WithAlexandra Yatsyk

This chapter addresses discourses of the Russian World as produced by social, political, economic, cultural, and religious institutions, representing and popularizing Russian language, culture, and the Orthodox values abroad. It focuses on the Russian Worlds narratives by the Russian diaspora in Vienna and its Austrian interlocutors and explores areas where they intersect, as well as semantic ruptures between them. The Austrian case demonstrates the hybrid coexistence of Western liberal models and Russian conservatism, intersecting with each other in the narratives of the Great Patriotic War and the Orthodox religion. The annexation of Crimea, followed by Russia's support for military insurgency in Eastern Ukraine, triggered a tectonic alteration in identity structures inside the Russian Worlds in Vienna. Patriotism as a kind of unconditional love is declared as another semantic marker of belonging to the Russian World community. The dramatic events in Russian–Ukrainian relations are also in the focus of the Komitee für Frieden in der Ukraine (KFU).