chapter  5
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National conservative parties in Baltic-Nordic Europe

No countries for Putin’s men
ByAndrey Makarychev

Political discourses in many European countries are replete with multiple comments about support that some parties and groups within Europe Union (EU) member states receive from Russia. This chapter begins with policy discourses related to the resurgence of national conservative parties all across Europe in reaction to a series of challenges that the EU faces in the current decade. It addresses the questions, based on the particular policy environment of the Baltic-Nordic region. The chapter argues pro-Russian parties that usually are considered "right-wing" ought to be more closely characterized as national conservative, and it is only in a specific group of countries that this flank of political spectrum generates pro-Kremlin narratives. It discusses primary sources, including open access, online empirical information, media analyses, and semi-structured interviews with policy experts in each of the studied countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Estonia and Germany.