chapter  6
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The political discourse of the Kremlin in Spain

Channels, messages, and interpretive frameworks
WithMiguel Vázquez-Liñán

This chapter highlights the nature of the propaganda war that is being waged between Russia, on the one hand, and the European Union (EU) and the United States of America, on the other. It focuses on the examples, revolving around political propaganda and uses of the past. The interpretation of the armed conflict in the Ukraine on the basis of the "fascism vs. anti-fascism" frame forms part of the Kremlin's propaganda discourse, like Rafael and Angel, who see international relations as a battlefield between those two sides. The chapter identifies the main channels through which the hegemonic narrative promoted by Moscow reaches Spain. The result is a patchwork of small and medium-sized political organizations and media outlets that have endorsed, in a more or less conscious way, the theses of the Kremlin. The hegemonic discourse of the Kremlin reaches Spain through a patchwork of channels of a limited scope.