chapter  13
Teaching faith
WithMary Earl
Pages 15

In some schools the dominant discourse surrounding teaching faith clearly indicates that distributive rules come from within one faith only. In some group of schools, for instance, teachers used, in the classroom, inclusive rather than exclusive language when teaching faith and did not assume or exclude diversity of faith backgrounds in their students. Religious Education in the UK forbids proselytising by law though the curriculum does emphasise the teaching of Christianity over other faiths. Schools which did see teaching one religion in depth as their mission were mainly faith foundation schools. The most expert teachers we worked with could sustain both philosophical and theological lines of enquiry throughout a lesson in ways which were engaging, stimulating and challenging. Teachers are trained professionally in every other subject – otherwise they are not allowed to teach in publicly funded institutions. Many teachers are following a Rawlsian idea that we all have a right to make our own ‘conception of the good’.