chapter  12
Oral cavity tumours including lip reconstruction
ByTim Martin, Omar A. Ahmed
Pages 36

INTRODUCTION The oral cavity is the uppermost part of the digestive tract. The oral cavity starts at the mucocutaneous junction of  the lips (the vermilion border) extending posteriorly to the junction of the hard and soft palate superiorly, anterior fauces laterally and the junction of the anterior two-thirds and posterior third of the tongue inferiorly. Neoplasms of the oral cavity may be classied topographically using the International Classication of Diseases for Oncology,1 neoplasms of the oral cavity being coded C00C06 depending on site of tumour (C01 – base of tongue, C05.1 – soft palate and C05.2 – uvula are excluded from this chapter since they form part of the oropharynx).1