chapter  9
Leading school development: One school’s journey
South Baddesley Church of England Primary School, Hampshire
WithLisa Baldwin
Pages 14

Action research is about long-term change that considers the specific needs of the pupils and allows for the experimentation of teacher practice to enable children to achieve their full potential. The school was deliberating over pupil progress in light of the changes, and evidence showed that the school was gaining good pupil results in reading comprehension and in the grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) test, but writing was tailing behind. The school had an established approach to teaching writing through high-quality texts, and Lyndsey was passionate about advocating strong links between reading and writing. Lyndsey wanted to find out more about the children's view of writing. Her starting point to defining the action research project came through discussions about writing with the children in her class. Lyndsey used a semi-structured interview approach, asking the predetermined questions but also following the flow of the children's conversation. Lyndsey noted the children's responses as the group talked, recording their points on post-it notes.