chapter  5
Documentation supporting English
WithLisa Baldwin
Pages 13

This chapter explores the themes across school documentation to support understanding of how priorities are established both at a strategic, whole-school level and class level. It also explores the processes through which English documentation and planning develop. In order to lead English effectively the subject leader needs to consider three key areas: curriculum development, staff development and children's progress. These areas cannot be considered in isolation, as all three aspects are interrelated. The success of pupil learning in English is dependent upon the quality of teaching they receive and the effectiveness of the curriculum in engaging the learner. Once a school has identified the English targets, the next step is to consider the actions needed to bring about the required goals. It is the English subject leader's role to determine these actions. The action plan will clearly define the priorities for English as specific, measurable targets. The plan will define these targets in terms of year group and age-phase appropriateness.