chapter  7
Literacy in the 21st century
WithSandy Stockwell
Pages 16

This chapter explores the potential opportunities offered by new literacy practices in the 21st century, including using multimodal approaches, and digital and visual literacies. It considers how to value children's use of technology within their home literacies in order to enhance traditional teaching approaches. Respecting and valuing children's home literacies and welcoming them into the classroom builds bridges between home and school literacy practices; it has a positive impact on children's motivation and engagement, especially for those 'hard to reach' pupils, potentially increasing their progress and attainment. Thinking about the range of media practices, digital tools and technologies which children engage with, it is evident that they need to develop a broad range of literacy skills. The British Film Institute called for a 21st-century literacy curriculum focusing on children's ability to read, interpret, analyse and create a range of media, including moving image and audio.