chapter  1
22 Pages

Philosophical playthinking in a South African literacy ‘classroom’

WithKarin Murris, Joanna Haynes

This chapter introduces the book project that emerged out of Decolonising Early Childhood Discourses: Critical Posthumanism in Higher Education (DECD) research. The authors outline the project aims and introduce the diverse project members. A posthumanist approach to literacy education moves beyond human social practices; this chapter asks what impact posthumanism could have on the de/colonization of education and childhood discourses. It explores how the movement towards posthuman identity as in/determinate, porous, without fixed boundaries along with a philosophical commitment to mutual relationality and a politics of belonging, makes us think differently about difference. In the wake of the Anthropocene, this chapter contextualises our efforts to retrieve an openness to thought without foundation and the necessity to take up a more modest epistemic stance. What might a politics of belonging look like in the literacy classroom? How could this inspire those living and working with children to de/colonise their thinking and practices?