chapter  3
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Philosophy for Children

A postdevelopmental relationality
WithKarin Murris, Joanna Haynes

Posthumanist research in literacy education is partly about incorporating children’s perspectives in new ways: exploring difference, variation and change. This chapter explores age as a category of difference that operated as an important concept to be challenged and disrupted in this research project. Even in participatory research, huge assumptions about children’s capacities as knowers often persist, and these are prejudicial. Certain age-related models of human development have become so deeply entrenched thatthey appear natural.

For the editors of this volume and for many of the contributors to this book, the movement of Philosophy for Children has been an important space in which different questions about age, knowing and child have come to the fore. In this chapter, the authors consider configurations of child and the relations of adult-child they pre-suppose. They discuss the particular and different questions that the movement of Philosophy for Children has brought to their attention.