chapter  8
24 Pages

Digging and diving for treasure

Erasures, silences and secrets
WithKarin Murris, Judy Crowther, Sara Stanley

In this chapter, the authors adopt Baradian methodologies of spatial and temporal diffraction. They partly follow the human in their analyses and pay attention to ‘nothing’ in a grade 2 South African ‘classroom’. Disrupting Western metaphysics of presence, they dig and dive for treasure with Barad’s concept of the void and playthink with the concept ‘secret’, guided by many conversations with Sara Stanley. Through a Deleuzian rhizomatic logic of experience, they deterritorialise ‘secret’ and speculate how the concept can do de/colonising work by drawing on the natural sciences. They wonder about two images and what is not ‘here’, kept secret, not visible to the (human) eye, or audible to the (human) ear, and draw some implications for de/colonising teaching and educational research.