chapter  9
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Accessing the rapprochement in its second decade

A critical approach to the official discourse between Turkey and Greece
WithSelin Türkeş-Kılıç

This chapter provides the second decade of the rapprochement under scrutiny and explores the extent to which intensified cooperation has had the intended positive impact on the political disputes between Turkey and Greece. In the second decade of rapprochement the security issues did not disappear but rather were frequently referred to by the foreign ministries. The enduring rapprochement process has been a great source of hope for the resolution of long-standing conflicts in the bumpy relations between Turkey and Greece. The chapter seeks to answer the extent to which the rapprochement has met the optimistic expectations and whether the intensified cooperation in non-security issues has spilled over to security issues in its second decade. From a critical constructivist perspective, the statements of Turkey and Greece’s ministries of foreign affairs directed at each other were examined through the method of critical discourse analysis. The analysis revealed the re-securitization of discourse in terms of the coverage of issues and formations of identity.