chapter  11
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Greece’s portrayal by the Turkish print media

A comparative study on conjunctural images
WithTuğcan Durmuşlar, Ali Şevket Ovalı

In contemporary democratic societies, mass media are assumed to play a crucial role in shaping governments’ policies and public opinion. During the 1990s, the media’s portrayal of Greece as an enemy, together with Syria, Iraq, and Iran, helped to create a grand coalition against PKK terrorism in Turkish society and reconstructed Turkish identity with reference to the enemies. The vast majority of Turkish print media news about Greece within the time interval of the Eastern Mediterranean drilling crisis refers to the economic crisis in the country. The main argument that the Turkish print media are passively mirroring the government’s views on Greece is based on the general assumption that the government is the most reliable source of information on foreign policy issues. In such a case, indexing the readily available news provided by the bureaucratic structures becomes a common and frequent practice in almost all media outlets, regardless of their ideological differences.