chapter  12
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Turkey in the Greek media

The need for a shift from confrontation – to peace-oriented journalism
WithChristos A. Frangonikolopoulos

This chapter aims to analyze the dominant prism under which foreign policy making is navigated in Greece. It presents the dominant discourse and position of the media on foreign policy issues and in so doing analyzes their role as a factor that contributes to the aggravation and perpetuation of the conflict between the two countries. The chapter discusses the prospect of one approach of the media, an approach that does not conceive the relations between Greece and Turkey as a zero-sum game but creates opportunities to consider and to value non-confrontational and more balanced perspectives of the differences troubling both countries. Foreign policy in Greece, and in particular policy concerning the country’s uneasy relationship with Turkey, is a dominant issue in national public political agenda and public sphere. The Greek media define what should be accepted in foreign policy decisions and negotiations, and in so doing reinforce the reactionary defensiveness as well the populist perceptions and expectations of the public.