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A conclusion

Identities as ‘psychological barriers’ to cooperation
ByGizem Alioğlu Çakmak

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book aims to scrutinize the historical and domains of conflict and cooperation between the two countries: Turkish and Greek. It discusses diverse theoretical frameworks and perspectives. The book explains how the various theories of international relations approach Turkish –Greek relations while discussing the findings of the joint work. It presents a detailed analysis of the ‘social construction’ of the Greek–Turkish antagonism, with emphasis on two determining factors. These are: the imagined history of the Greeks and the Turks, based on their chosen glories, traumas, and victimization, as crystallized in their respective national historical narratives; and their chosen national identities which are built on slighting and demonizing the other side. The book provides people with a very comprehensive and fruitful analysis of various theoretical approaches to the Turkish–Greek conflict throughout history.