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Resolute action by Nero might have saved the day, since preparations for an eastern expedition were well forward in Rome and troops were therefore available. Moreover Galba had only one legion in his provmce, 2 although he at once started

Verginius Rufus meanwhile, perhaps because he was only the son of an eques, resolutely refused to strike for the purple himself. But since he also entertained republican feelings, he placed himself at the disposal of the Senate, and its attitude was now determined by Nero's own irresolution. That irresolution probably originated from the Emperor's knowledge that he had alienated all classes in Rome. Moreover, owing to Tigellinus' defection, he could not count on the Praetorian Guard. When Nymphidius Sabinus promised the Praetorians a donative of 80,000 sesterces per head in the name of Galba, Nero's fate was sealed. Nero now paid the penalty for neglecting to cultivate the soldiers. The various provincial armies renounced their allegiance, and on the night of June 8 he fled fearfully from Rome and was promptly proclaimed a public enemy by the Senate, which now joined the Praetorian Guard in recognizing Galba as Emperor.