chapter  12
Hurro-Hittite stories and Hittite pregnancy and birth rituals
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On the lordly … him [ … ] sat down Kumarbi … not [ … ] [c] ounts off. The seventh month arriv[ed …] in his heart [ … ].

There is a gap of about 45 lines before we pick up the narrative in column ii.

(§9’, 1.A ii 1-3) [“…] Kumarbi. Let him come [f]orth from his vigorous [ … ], or [ … ] come f[o]rth from his

˘ hu[wa]lpanzana,22 or let come

forth from his ‘goo[d p]lace’.” (§10’, 1.A ii 4-15) A.GILIM (an epithet of Tarhun) [began] to

speak words before Kumarbi, in his heart (i.e., from inside him), “May you be living,23 l[or]d of wisdom (and) the headwaters,24 if/ when to come out [ … ], Kumarbi, you bit25 below. Which ones [ … ]. Earth will give me her power. Heaven will g[ive] me [hi]s h[er]oism, and Anu will give me [hi]s manliness, and Kumarbi will give me his wisdom. Nara will give me his powerfulness, and Napshara will give me [his …], En[li]l will give me his power, [his …], his fearsomeness, and [hi]s wisdom. [ … ] all. … heart …

The text of the rest of this paragraph, and most of the next two paragraphs, are too fragmentary to translate. There is mention of other attributes presumably given to Tarhun, including his bull Sheri and a wagon in which the Storm-god will ride. His brother Suwaliyat will give him something. Anu speaks, saying, “Let him come.” There is mention of “like a woman,” and where Tarhun will emerge is again discussed. I pick up the narrative at the end of §12’.