chapter  13
152 Pages

Superconductivity in the Transition Metals: Theory and Experiment

ByG. Gladstone, M. A. Jensen, J. R. Schrieffer

This chapter presents an experimental and theoretical discussion of the superconducting properties of the transition metals (TM). It discusses the models which have been proposed for the electronic and phonic band structure of the TM. The chapter emphasizes the concept of the rigid band model, which is found experimentally to be appropriate for these metals. It also discusses the electron–electron and electron–phonon interactions and how they can be determined from the experimental properties of these metals in the normal state. The study of the superconducting properties of the TM is divided into two sections. First, concerned with the variation of the pairing interaction among the elements upon alloying, with changing isotopic mass, and with changing atomic volume. It also discusses evidence for two-band superconductors, particularly for La and U. Second, discusses the properties of the superconducting state, and it is shown that generally one finds approximate agreement with the predictions of the BCS theory.