chapter  fifteen
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Direct shoot organogenesis from leaf explants of chrysanthemum

ByRobert N. Trigiano, Roger A. May

Chrysanthemums or "mums" are among the most popular floricultural species and are grown as garden and pot crops or as cut flowers. This chapter illustrates the technique of direct shoot organogenesis using leaf sections of chrysanthemum. It examines the differences in the ability of genotypes to regenerate shoots and roots. The chapter discusses the effects of plant growth regulator (PGR) combinations on shoot and root formation. It then explores the pulse treatments for initiation and growth of shoots. One of the first steps in developing a micropropagation protocol of any plant is to determine the type and concentration of PGRs that will provide the desired response — shoot formation. Most adventitious shoot micropropagation protocols are based on a treatment of explants with PGRs for a specific period of time followed by incubation on medium that either lacks or has reduced concentrations of PGRs.