chapter  three
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Getting started with tissue culture — media preparation, sterile technique, and laboratory equipment

ByCaula A. Beyl

A plant tissue culture laboratory has several functional areas, whether it is designed for teaching or research and no matter what its size or how elaborate it is. This chapter provides an introduction to what goes into setting up a tissue culture laboratory — what supplies and equipment are necessary and some basics concerning making stock solutions, calculating molar concentrations, making tissue culture media, preparing a transfer hood, and culturing various cells, tissues, and organs. High-quality water is a required ingredient of plant tissue culture media. After the explants are plated on the tissue culture medium under the sterile transfer hood, they are moved to the culture room. The type of tissue culture medium selected depends on the species to be cultured. Some species are sensitive to high salts or have different requirements for plant growth regulators (PGRs). Agar is a high molecular weight polysaccharide that can bind water and is derived from seaweed.