chapter  17
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Static and dynamic analysis of stability of rocky slopes via particle methods

WithR. Deluzarche, F. Dedecker, J.J. Fry

This paper deals with stability analysis of rockfill slopes. A geotechnical model of rockfill behavior is proposed. This model is based on the relationship between the particle strength and its dimension found by Marsal (1973). Rock particle crushing is modeled by a cluster of bounded circular particles. The bond is evaluated in order to fit the crushing strength of the particle. Therefore, the strength of the rockfill is calibrated by tri-axial test modeling. According to this geotechnical model, criteria to check the slope stability are proposed and applied to stability analysis of embankment. Dynamic analysis of embankment is checked with this method. Comparison with FLAC analysis is carried out. Elastic response is in good accordance with FLAC; however, more unrecoverable deformations and a different mode of failure are noticed with the particle method. Influence of frequency is clearly identified.