chapter  25
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Model generation and calibration for a pile loading in the particle flow model

WithN. Mörchen, B. Walz

The load-settlement behavior of a pile and the changes occurring in the soil stresses caused by pile loading are illustrated with the aid of a particle flow model. Proven model tests are used to simulate the pile load test. Output parameters of the simulated pile load test are: the load-settlement-curve from the pile, the displacements in the soil following the pile-loading, stresses in the contact area between pile and soil, and the size and direction of the stresses in the soil in selected distances to the pile axis. With the aid of the undertaken calculations it may be possible to illustrate the effect of an arch action in the soil surrounding the pile in a qualitative and quantitative way. The calibration of the model is achieved by executing triaxial tests and an active earth pressure calculation in order to receive proper soil parameters for the numerical model. Extensive parameter studies have been carried out in advance to attain this purpose and to determine the effects of a single PFC parameter on the soil characteristics.