chapter  26
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Discrete element modeling of curved geosynthetic anchorages with known macro-properties

WithB. Chareyre, P. Villard

Distinct element modeling (DEM) was used to simulate pull-out tests on geosynthetic anchorages. Though such anchorage are widely used to ensure the stability of geosynthetic liner systems on slopes (canal banks, dams, waste landfills), their designs remain problematic. A DEM model was calibrated in order to compare the calculations with the results of a true-scale laboratory experiment. Suitable DEM parameters were selected so that the results of numerical experiments fit the macroscopic behavior of the soil materials (frictional and cohesive frictional) and the soil-geosynthetic interfaces. With the parameters selected, numerical results of curved anchorage calculations compare well with experimental data and highlights governing mechanisms of the failure of anchorages.