chapter  11
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On interaction of arbitrary oriented faults systems

ByA.S. Bykovtsev, D.B. Kramarovsky, D.I. Bardzokas

Interaction and conditions for motion of an arbitrary oriented ruptures system are studied by the methods of mathematical simulation. The system consists of arbitrary number of ruptures with arbitrary oriented vectors of final dislocation on them and is in the field of external stresses. The use of a number of a fracture mechanics methods allows to obtain exact analytical solutions which make it possible to predict behaviour of ruptures system. Equations describing the conditions under which the ruptures can grow were obtained in the form of functions of the ruptures orientation, their length, fracture type on them (shear, tensile, mixed type of fracture), values of the external stresses, physical and mechanical parameters of surroundings. Analyses of the results obtained for different values of the above mentioned parameters and for different number of interacting ruptures simulating different geodynamic situation is given. The results obtained can be used for the long-term prediction of a possible earthquake location.