chapter  6
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Expression of Cloned Proteins in Mammalian Cells: Regulation of Cell-Associated Parameters

ByJennie P. Mather, Mary Tsao

In this chapter, the authors deal with the optimization of the cell culture parameters, which can lead to a significant increase in product yields. For convenience they divide the discussion on cellular parameters into the optimization of the physicochemical, nutritional, and hormonal environment of the cell. All of these factors interrelate and changes in one can alter the optimum for another. It is therefore wise to reassess all of the parameters when any major alteration is made to the culture system. Finally, the optimization of these parameters is cell type-specific. Frequently, optimal conditions may vary significantly for different cell lines or even clones of the same cell type expressing different proteins. One of the main purposes of industrial scale cell culture is to support research on and the manufacture of valuable proteins of pharmaceutical interest. It is also important that the cell culture medium generated be compatible with the purification process.