chapter  8
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Nonperfused Attachment Systems for Cell Cultivation

ByArthur Y. Elliott

This chapter deals with two specific techniques for the mass cultivation of anchorage-dependent cells. Although other systems are available, these two procedures, roller bottle culture and unit process vessel, have been used with great success for cultivation of both primary and serial diploid cell growth. Specifically, growth of these cells in mass culture has enabled the pharmaceutical industry to have an almost unlimited capacity to supply the need for vaccines such as mumps, measles, and rubella. In addition, the roller bottle culture system has also been shown to be an ideal system for mass cultivation of human cell lines derived from urinary tract tumors. There are numerous factors which limit the productivity of mass cultivation systems and the scientist should be aware of their existence. Initial cell attachment is important and vital to eventual growth and monolayer formation. Maintaining cell viability is necessary for retaining high productivity and, in the case of vaccine manufacture, virus production in mass culture systems.