chapter  15
Neutropbils and Asthma
ByL. Fabbri, Piera Boschetto, G. Caramori, P. Maestrelli
Pages 36

Neutrophils are produced in bone marrow, enter the bloodstream, and are rapidly distributed between marginated and circulating pools (1,2). In the absence of an inflammatory process, the neutrophils are confined to the intravascular compartment, where they comprise the majority of circulating leukocytes ( 1 ,2). Neutrophils have an estimated life span of 6-8 hr in peripheral blood {1,2). These cells measure about 10-15 Jlm in diameter; the nucleus is condensed and lobulated, and the lobes are joined by thin filaments of chromatin, although the filaments may not be readily visualized if the lobes are partially superimposed (1,2).