chapter  12
18 Pages

Testing High Performance Concrete

ByM. Lessard, P.-C. Aitcin

This chapter shows that particular attention should be paid to the dimensions of the bearing block in order to obtain comparable results. The development of high performance concrete (HPC) is having a tremendous impact on the course of the construction technology. The intensive search for higher compressive strength has led to a new area of over 120 MPa HPC. Research has been so polarized by the improvement of the mechanical properties that adjustments to equipment as well as testing techniques have so far been ignored or taken for granted. Concrete specimens can be prepared in advance and placed in a curing room. During testing, the cylinder ends are put directly into contact with the testing machine platens. In doing so, nicely shaped conical ruptures are obtained in most cases. Concrete technicians in America are familiar with cylindrical specimens cast into plastic molds that are very easy to strip with compressed air and clean, and are reusable hundred of times.