chapter  25
33 Pages

Full Scale Use of High Performance Concrete in Building and Public Works

ByG. Cadoret, P. Richard

In the climate of stiff international competition characteristic of large-scale projects, the durability of the structure has become a key factor in a contractor's ability to remain competitive. Since 1983, the Bouygues Group has conducted a research program devoted to high performance concrete. This chapter presents the data collected on the building and public works projects. Three categories of data are entered into the model: concrete parameters, environmental parameters, and construction method parameters. The rheology of concrete placed on site must comply with the requirements dictated by the type of elements to be built, the construction methods and the time needed to carry out the works. During the execution of the works, samples of the concrete produced were taken in order to determine and check its characteristics of shrinkage, thermal expansion, heat generation and mechanical strength. On site, durability is the result of the concrete maturing process.