chapter  32
18 Pages

Offshore Application of High Performance Concrete Space Frame

ByC. Valenchon

This chapter presents various structural concepts developed for offshore application to illustrate potential applications of concrete trusses, concrete space frames and concrete tubular trusses. It discusses the construction and mechanical testing of concrete space frame and tubular truss structures, performed as part of an internal R & D programs carried out by Bouygues Offshore. The evolution of the design of concrete truss structures is parallel with the evolution of the concrete technologies. This evolution is illustrated by three projects carried out by Bouygues on which different types of concrete trusses have been used: the roof of the Tehran stadium in Iran, the Bubiyan bridge in Kuwait and the Sylans viaduct in France. A design study of a concrete Module Support Frame (MSF) for a North-Sea concrete Gravity Based Structure with Sleipner A characteristics was carried out in 1987 by Bouygues offshore on behalf of Statoil as an altemalte to a steel MSF made of a combination of trusses and bulkheads.