chapter  4
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Lessons Learnt from South Korea’s LTE Broadband Development: A Descriptive Case Study


Currently, broadband is considered to be a vital element of economic growth and competitiveness, such that countries and governments around the globe are implementing strategies and policies promoting its growth. For example, research by Kim et al. (2010) suggests that broadband development leads to a gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 1.38%. In 2011, governments from OECD countries recognised broadband as a key priority and an important element of their economies’ infrastructure (OECD, 2012). OECD (2012) also identifi ed broadband as pertinent to electronic commerce (EC). The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) (2012) has made broadband a key priority of the twenty-fi rst century. The ITU (2012) views it as consisting of transformative powers that enable economic and social growth, and thus it is an essential tool for empowering people, creating an environment that nurtures the technological and service innovation, and triggering positive change in business processes as well as in society as a whole.