chapter  13
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Exploring the Relevance and Potential of Mobile Banking for Australian Rural Areas


Improvements in broadband Internet technology, wireless technologies and mobile handsets have led to a dramatic change and growth in the utilization of mobile technologies for various purposes on a global scale. One major domain of high growth would be mobile commerce (m-commerce), which typically involves online commercial transactions through the use of mobile devices, i.e., smartphones or PDAs (personal digital assistants) over a wireless network (Coursaris and Hassanein 2002; Barnes 2002; Gunsaekaran and Ngai 2003). Unlike traditional e-commerce, consumers can access services via their mobile devices from any location, thereby gaining more fl exible options and personalized services (Varshney 2003). Moreover, current improvements and sophistication in Internet-enabled communication and the rapid development of broadband technology has accompanied the growth of m-commerce services globally.