chapter  15
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Understanding the Impact of Policy, Regulation and Governance on Broadband Diffusion in the Developed and Developing Worlds


Universal access to broadband Internet is critical to a nation’s ability to compete in a global economic environment (Crandall & Singer, 2010; Gillett et al., 2006; Greenstein & McDevitt, 2011), foster political and civic engagement, and enhance the quality of life of its citizens (FCC, 2010; West, 2005). While high-speed access to the Internet is far from universal, the number of subscribers to fi xed-line broadband has increased steadily since 2000. The number of subscribers surpassed the 500 million mark by the end of 2010, with 34% of all households subscribing to fi xed-line broadband. Estimates are that by the end of 2013, over 1 billion people around the world will be broadband subscribers (ITU, 2010; OECD, 2009).