chapter  12
Consumer Evaluation and Optimization of Food Texture
ByHoward R. Moskowitz, Barry E. Jacobs
Pages 36

This chapter deals with the evaluation and optimization of texture by consumers. It presents research approaches by which one can understand how consumers react to textural characteristics of foods and, in addition, how the researcher can optimize consumer acceptance. The chapter provides both the basic research results about perception and the guidance for product development. It deals with the creation of textural variations by systematic formula changes, and the maximization of hedonic values for texture. The chapter shows two methods by which product developers can modify the characteristics of a product. Optimization of acceptance attempts to find that particular formulation which simultaneously maximizes a criterion variable (liking or purchase intent) while the formulation remains within the predesignated limits. In contrast, profile-fitting optimization modifies the formulation so that the profile of the product most closely matches a predetermined profile.