chapter  1
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Slurry Walls 1

WithCecil Cross

Slurry walls are used at Superfund sites to contain the waste or contamination and to reduce the potential of future migration of waste constituents. In many cases slurry walls are used in conjunction with other waste treatment technologies, such as covers and around water pump-and-treat systems.

The use of this well-established technology is a site-specific determination. Geophysical investigations and other engineering studies need to be performed to identify the appropriate measure or combination of measures (e.g., landfill cover and slurry wall) to be implemented and the necessary materials of construction based on the site conditions and constituents of concern at the site. Site-specific compatibility studies may be necessary to document the applicability and performance of the slurry wall technology. The EPA contact whose name is listed at the end of this bulletin can assist in the location of other contacts and sources of information necessary for such studies.

This bulletin discusses various aspects of slurry walls including their applicability, limitations on their use, a description of the technology including innovative techniques, and materials of construction including new alternative barrier materials, site requirements, performance data, the status of these methods, and sources of further information.