chapter  25
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Issues Affecting the Applicability and Success of Remedial/Removal Incineration Projects 1

The On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) and/or Remedial Project Manager (RPM) for each Superfund site is responsible for overseeing all activities involved with the cleanup of that site. This chapter is intended to familiarize OSCs and RPMs with issues which are important to the successful completion of incineration projects. Communication between the RPM, the environmental protection agency regional office, and the corresponding state environmental office is critical. More importantly, communication with the resource conservation and recovery act incineration experts and technical contacts in each Regional office who have extensive incineration expertise is vital to the success of remedial/removal activities involving incineration. Incineration costs will vary significantly from site to site. When the demonstration is completed, an Applications Analysis Report is prepared to evaluate all the information available on a particular process and to analyze the applicability of the process to other sites, waste types, and media.