chapter  3
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Control of Air Emissions from Materials Handling During Remediation 1

WithGary Baker

This bulletin presents an overview discussion on the importance of and methods for controlling emissions into the air from materials handling processes at Superfund or other hazardous waste sites. It also describes several techniques used for dust and vapor suppression that have been applied at Superfund sites.

Air emission control techniques have been utilized for Superfund cleanups at the McColl site (CA) and at the LaSalle Electric site (IL). Foam suppression has been used at Rocky Mountain Arsenal (CO), Texaco Fillmore (CA), and at a petroleum refinery (CA) site. A number of temporary vapor suppression techniques have also been applied at other sites. Additionally, the experience gained in the mining industry and at hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal sites will yield applicable methods for Superfund sites.

This bulletin provides information on the applicability of air emission controls for materials handling at Superfund sites, limitations of the current systems, a description of the control methods that have found application to date, site requirements, a summary of the performance experience, the status of the existing techniques and identification of future development expectations, and sources of additional information.