chapter  5
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Chemical Enhancements to Pump-and-Treat Remediation 1

WithCarl D. Palmer, William Fish

Conventional pump-and-treat technologies are among the most widely used systems for the remediation of contaminated ground water. It has become recognized that these systems can require protracted periods of time to make significant reductions in the quantity of contaminants associated with both the liquid and solid phases which constitute the subsurface matrix. Recognition that conventional pump-and-treat remediation often requires lengthy periods of time to achieve cleanup objectives will encourage professionals involved in site remediation to contemplate alternative methods of aquifer restoration. The recognition that ground water in many areas of the US is contaminated has brought about demands that the quality of these aquifers be restored. At Superfund sites, the initial cleanup is accomplished in a relatively short time by removing sources of contamination from the surface, removing highly contaminated shallow soil, and in some cases installing a low-permeability cap.