chapter  10
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Effects of Ofsted inspection on school development and staff morale

Ofsted inspections are intended to bring about school improvement. However, there is growing evidence that inspection has both positive and negative effects on school development and staff morale. Such evidence is presented and discussed in this chapter. Ofsted's explicit aims (Ofsted, 1994) are to raise standards, enhance quality, increase efficiency and improve the ethos of the school. The framework for inspection is built around these four themes and key issues (Kls) for action are recommended as a basis for improvement (Bennett, 1 994) . According to Ofsted, schools could 'exploit inspection thoroughly' to bring about development and improvement (Ofsted, 1994: 44) . Evidence that the inspection process has both positive and negative effects is described in studies of primary and secondary schools which have been taking place since the early days of Ofsted inspections in 1993; these studies are outlined briefly before discussing our own study.