chapter  3
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Joined-up security: a genealogy


Joined-up security refers to the agenda, reforms and practices associated with the application of joined-up governance to security policy. Joined-up governance refers more generally to a distinctive policy agenda that seeks to promote HI¿FLHQF\DQGHIIHFWLYHQHVVE\ IRVWHULQJQHWZRUNV DQGSDUWQHUVKLSV DPRQJ WKH public, voluntary and private sector organisations involved in any given area of policy. These networks and partnerships are meant to ensure that the relevant organisations communicate with one another, thereby enabling them to collaborate PRUHHIIHFWLYHO\DQGWREHQH¿WIURPWKHV\QHUJLHVDULVLQJRXWRIVXFKFROODERUDWLRQ These joined-up or whole-of-government approaches initially appeared in domestic policy, especially social welfare policy, in states such as Australia and Britain. They remain prominent although they are now often supplemented by other ways of thinking, such as those associated with behavioural economics and ‘nudge’ technologies.