chapter  1
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Controversial Issues in Psychollnguistics

ByDoris Aaronson, R. W. Rieber

This book covers a broad range of topics in psycholinguistics, but it is not meant to be a comprehensive survey. For example, a thorough treatment of such topics as phonetics, pragmatics, neurolinguistics, and animal communication is missing, although some aspects of these topics are considered when relevant to material in chapters aimed in other directions. The book has four goals: (l) to discuss many of the important contemporary issues in psycholinguistics; (2) to explore the different views on major theoretical controversies; (3) to provide an analysis of background literature as a framework in which to evaluate the issues and controversies; and (4) to describe interesting high-quality research currently being done by the authors and some of their colleagues. Hence, this book is aimed at advanced students who already have a strong background in psychology or linguistics and more particularly at active workers in these fields who desire a critical interdisciplinary examination of contemporary and controversial ideas.