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Why teach this?

As well as helping to meet Foundation Stage goals for ICT, the project provides a link to the 'Developing ideas and making things happen' strand of the National Curriculum requirements at Key Stage 1, in that it enables children to 'try things out and explore what happens in real and imaginary situations' (PoS 2d). The geographical content also serves to provide a link between the relatively parochial requirements of the Foundation Stage curriculum and the National Curriculum's wider perspective on contrasting locations. Pupils will 'notice differences' and 'observe, find out about and identify features' in an environment, as required by the 'sense of place' early learning goal. As the environment in question is not within the school's locality, it extends the children's range of geographical experiences and links to Geography National Curriculum programme of study requirements - specifically, 3d: 'recognise how places compare with other places'.