chapter  3
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Using an information source

As part of a study of home life in the Victorian period, children should make comparisons between the toys and everyday objects found in their homes and those that may have been found in a Victorian household. For young children, the ideal way to do this is through handling of artefacts, either genuine or reproduction, from the Victorian period. The comparisons can then be rooted in hands-on experience and direct comparison between comparable objects, e.g. a Victorian flat-iron and a modern 'iron'. Many museums have education services which will loan boxes of appropriate objects to schools, e.g. Warrington Museum ( uk/entertainment/museum/home.htm) offers boxes labelled 'Victorian Kitchen', 'Grandma's Kitchen', 'Tin Toys' and 'Traditional Wooden Toys'. As well as comparing objects, children can also be encouraged to identify household items for which there is no direct modern equivalent.