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GEOGRAPHY/SENSE OF PLACE Who is it for? What do I need to know?

Children coming into Foundation Stage settings will have a range of basic computer skills. Some will be quite sophisticated users of PC input devices, such as mouse and keyboard. Others will have had little or no experience of computers, but may be familiar with games consoles and their keypads. A few children will have had no experience of interactive electronic devices of any kind. Relatively simple 'games' such as those on the BBC Barnaby Bear website - schools/barnabybear - provide a means by which pupils from a range of backgrounds can acquire and/or practise 'mouse skills' in a purposeful way. More skilled pupils will be able to focus on the geographical content more readily and can be moved on to use their skills in other contexts within the site. Children who are less familiar with the mouse and its functions will gain competence/confidence by performing relatively simple tasks and will be supported by positive feedback from the Barnaby Bear character.