chapter  8
Part of Me Died Too: Creative Strategies for Grieving Children and Adolescents
Pages 14

It's not that all this death made Sarah happy. It was the sheer joy of expressing it, of literally getting it out of her body, that brought enormous relief and pleasure to Sarah. I once overheard my young children's uncle explain this to them: "Now remember, whenever anything leaves your body, it feels good!" The children's whoops of joy at the recognition of one of their basic truths were the opposite of my own automatic adult reactions to this dubious bit of wisdom. But upon further consideration, and the children's graphic examples, I had to admit that he was right. And when it is feelings and thoughts that are leaving the body, instead of bodily fluids, the results are the same-it feels good! It's the sheer relief of

expression that lifts one's spirits, even though the subject may be as unknown and frightening as death.