chapter  15
Sibling Bereavement: We Are Grieving Too Betty Davies
Pages 18

From the time a new baby enters the family, a special bond develops between the children. Older siblings take great pride in being the "big" brother or sister and help to care for younger ones, often teaching them new skills and socializing them to the outside world. The younger ones look up to their older brothers and sisters, seeking advice and assistance as they learn about the world. Siblings share household tasks and philosophize together about the wonders of the world. They share secrets from their parents and other adults. Siblings protect one another, support one another, and ally themselves against parents and others. Siblings also see each other as competitors, teasers, and antagonists. Such is the ambivalent nature of sibling relationships. Siblings, therefore, play significant roles in each other's lives. The death of a sibling is a potentially traumatic event.