chapter  16
The Military Model for Children and Grief
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Have you ever heard the term "brat?" You might think it's slang for a child who is acting up, but in the armed forces it's an affectionate nickname for those children who have become a part of the American military from birth. They are the proud offspring of our nation's military members, serving in their own way by living a life dictated by the missions of national defense policy. They have learned that constant moves, gaining and losing friends on a regular basis, adapting to exotic cultures, and coping with foreign languages are the norm. The profile of Women's World Cup Soccer star Mia Hamm says it all-it lists "All over" for her home town, and then goes on to explain that she was an "Air Force kid." That term applies to thousands of children around the world, and their story would not be complete without an examination of how they cope with one very harsh reality of life in the military-the tragedy of sudden death.