The Life and Work of Herman Rorschach
ByHenri Ellenberger
Pages 48

Among the numerous people who gave me details about Rorschach, I would like to mention particularly the following: Dr. Walter von Wyss, of Zurich, his university comrade and lifelong friend; Alt Reallehrer Konrad Gehring, of Rtidlingen, his schoolmate and collaborator of the first experiments in the Mtinsterlingen period; Professor Carl Haeberlin, of Basle, the well-known philosopher; the two brothers, Dr. Eugene Minkowski, of Paris, and Dr. Miecislav Minkowski, of Zurich; Dr. Walter Morgenthaler, of Bern; Reverend Oskar Pfister, the "grand old man" of SwiBB psychoanalysis; Dr. Emil Oberholzer, and Georg Roemer, the first collaborators and students of the Rorschach Test.